We're here to make your move to Nottingham as smooth as possible. Scroll down for the questions that your fellow residents have asked, and our straightforward answers to each.

For anything else, just get in touch

What's included?

You say your studio prices are ‘all inclusive’ – so what’s included?

We want you to have a stress-free time at Boulevard Wharf, so your studio rate is fully inclusive of electricity on a ‘fair usage allowance’, water and internet. It even includes contents insurance, up to specific limits, to protect your lovely belongings

What exactly should I expect to find in my studio?

Your comfort is our priority, so in each studio room you’ll find:

  • A big double bed
  • A private ensuite, complete with a mirror and Japanese-style WC
  • Your own kitchenette, with a fridge, cooking hobs, combination microwave, oven and grill
  • Crockery, cutlery, pans and glasses
  • A bedside table
  • A desk and – of course – plenty of storage for books, clothes and any other home comforts you choose to bring
  • Plus blackout blinds, for ultimate privacy and a little R&R after a busy night out

A friendly reminder: you’ll need to bring your own bedding with you. Or, you can buy a set through Unikit who can deliver to our door.

Is there a TV in my studio?


Will I need to pay for a TV license?

Yes, you will. (Psst: you’ll also need a TV license if you want to stream content from the BBC, iTV, Channel 4, etc. too)

Are you sure the Internet will reach my studio?

Yes, we are absolutely sure our hyperfast gigabit capable network will be available in every studio. But should you have any technical issues, at all, we’ll give you a phone number to call our 24/7 helpline (available in multiple languages)

How do I access the Internet?

It’s super simple; you’ll be given log-in details before you even arrive at Boulevard Wharf!

Are kitchen essentials, bedding and towels included in the studio?

Kitchen essentials such as crockery, cutlery, pans and glasses are all included in your studio.

However for bedding, towels and any other essentials that aren't included, you can purchase add-on packs and we’ll arrange for these to be in your studio when you move in. Take a look here

Will my studio be cleaned for me?

When you arrive, you’ll step into a beautiful clean studio. If you want to pay for a cleaner to help you out during term time, this is also something we can help you arrange.

Are the fitness suites and other social spaces free for me to use?

Absolutely! You can use the gym totally free of charge

Studio booking

How do I book a studio?

We’re so glad you want to join us! All you have to do choose which of our studios you want to make yours, then hit the ‘book now’ button. This will take you to our partner platform, where you’ll find an easy-to-use booking process, to secure that exact studio. At this stage, you’ll need your details, your uni details, guarantor information and a deposit payment. Then, you’re all sorted! Welcome to Boulevard Wharf

If you’re still deciding which studio, you can click ‘enquire now’ to be directed to a contact page and enquiry form. Please note, though, this does not secure you that studio. If you know which studio you want, go to ‘book now’

Can I request to live near one of my friends?

Most probably. You can either select studios near each other, if they are still available online. Or you can drop us a line and we will try our hardest to get you studios nearby

Paying rent

What exactly do I have to pay, and when?

The studio rate you pay will depend on which of our luxury studios you choose to live in. Either way, the payment schedule breaks down like this:

  • If you have a UK guarantor, then 4/5 weeks of rent are due just before you move in. Then, the rest is split into 3 termly payments (these run in line with student finance payments, don’t worry!)
  • If you don’t have a UK guarantor, then you will need to pay the full rental upfront – at least 6 weeks before your tenancy begins

I am paying in installments, so when are my payments due?

Please make sure you’ve paid 4-5 weeks of rent before you move in, then the rest will be due in 3 termly installments – due just after your student loan comes in

I am paying my rent in full, so when should I pay?

Please make sure you’ve paid your rent, in full, at least 6 weeks before the start date on your tenancy agreement

Moving in

I’m excited! When can I move in?

We can’t wait for you to join us! Take a look on your tenancy agreement and you’ll see a start date. As long as you’ve paid your rent and deposit, and we’ve received all your paperwork, you can on or after your contract’s start date

What documentation do I need to bring with me when I move in?

Please bring a copy of your passport or driving license

Should I bring anything else on move-in day?

The only other thing you need to think about is what you want to furnish your room (bedding, kitchenware, etc.) – you can leave everything else up to us!

Who else can I expect to meet?

Your new friends and neighbours will be a mix of students – some from the UK, some from across the world. They will also be studying a range of different courses, perhaps even from different Nottingham unis

One thing’s for sure though: you’ll definitely make some great new friends